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Our Moderation Team

Meet the great people who are making this possible!

  • Kiel


    Community Mod

  • Nhyv


    Community Mod

    "One day I will own a giant bunny and you won't be able to stop me"

  • Freasaloz

    Community Mod

  • Spoonz

    Community Mod

    "Vanilla Best Girl"

  • Tony

    Community Mod

    "Soulsborne lore is the best lore"

  • over

    Community Mod

  • Rubii

    Community Mod

  • Zee

    Community Mod

    "buy my"

  • King Stupid

    Community Mod

  • Mochi

    Junior Mod

    "I like eating mochis and no one can stop me"

Our Bots

The moderation tools we built along the way


Originally designed exclusively for our server, but now a public bot with loads of commands!

Miss Pauling

Our personal, niche case bot for the specifics.

TF2.Me by Nhyv - Art by m1lky