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Our Moderation Team

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  • Kiel


    Community Mod

  • Nhyv


    Community Mod

    "One day I will own a giant bunny and you won't be able to stop me"

  • Freasaloz

    Community Mod

  • Spoonz

    Community Mod

    "Vanilla Best Girl"

  • over

    Community Mod

  • King Stupid

    Community Mod

  • Nyoom

    Community Mod

    "door stuck"

  • Tony


    "Soulsborne lore is the best lore"

  • Beletrix

    Junior Mod

  • Heca

    Junior Mod

Our Bots

The moderation tools we built along the way


Originally designed exclusively for our server, but now a public bot with loads of commands!

Miss Pauling

Our personal, niche case bot for the specifics.

TF2.Me by Nhyv - Art by m1lky